About NATC Donuts

Our Mission

Sure, it's the coffee and the tasty baked goods, but more than that, it's the people behind the counter who make Dunkin' Donuts what it really is, creating a culture and place that isn't your typical quick service resturant. It's the community involvement that NATC DONUTS strongly believes and supports. It's servicing guests and keeping them running! It's the fast-paced, fun paced world of Dunkin' Donuts.

Our Management Team

  • Anthony D'Amore, President and CEO
  • Chris Fox, Director of Operations
  • Bernadette Wnek, Controller
  • Denise Meola, Human Resources Manager
  • Nicholas D'Amore, Quality Assurance Supervisor

General Managers

  • Maria Fe Castillo
  • John Paulo Reyes
  • Rose Maullon
  • Anna Reyes
  • Rommel Castillo